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Issue 1: Revolution

Happy Solstice,

It's finally here and

we're so excited to

share it with you


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Issue 2 Theme Announcement

The theme for Issue 2 is:

APOCALYPSE: In so much of the popular imagination, the end of the world as we know it, the end of everything. For Indigenous peoples worldwide, the end of the world(s) before colonization. Or, maybe, a revelation, uncovering something hidden, new, and maybe even better...


We want your apocalypse art, poems, and short stories! Both the dark and dystopic AND optimistic works like hopepunk and solarpunk. Submissions open July 1st!

*The above image is NOT the cover for Issue 2, it is just the theme announcement image.

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Thanks to your generous contributions, Issue 1 is funded! We can't do enough to show our gratitude.


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Issue 1: Revolution

Get your free copy of Issue 1: Revolution today!

Up Front and Center

Revolution of Rats 

by Viro

(Originally published in Organize! Magazine)

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