Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of material do you publish?

We are partial to fantasy and science fiction. We love stories, poetry, and art that tell tales of resistance, building better worlds and stronger communities, equity and justice, and revolutionary ideals. In terms of fiction specifically, we also love stories told from a unique voice and perspective that have strong character development.

We publish work from both seasoned authors and artists as well as newcomers to the publishing world. We love publishing good work by people who are new, up and coming folks.

How often do you publish?

Issues of the magazine will be published quarterly. We also hope to do anthologies and special issues in addition to the regular quarterly publications.

How is your magazine published?

At this time the magazine is digital and online only. It will be published as a downloadable pdf. In order to make each issue as accessible as possible, including for folks who use text-to-speech software, accepted work is also published directly to our website on the Fiction, Poetry, and Art pages.

Do you charge to read your magazine?

In order to make great stories, poetry, and art as accessible as possible, our magazine is free to read.

Why do you have a "Subscribe" form if reading your magazine is free?

The subscribe section isn't for paid subscriptions. Rather, it is where you can sign up for our email list so you can receive notifications when new issues are published.

Do you charge submission fees?

We are trying to operate on a donation-based model. But due to the nature of the industry, our insistence on paying authors and artists for their work, and on keeping the magazine accessible by being available for free, it is possible that we will have to charge at least a small submission fee unless our fundraising efforts are successful.

Do you pay authors/artists for their work that you publish?

Absolutely. We insist on paying authors and artists for the work that we publish. Our current rate is $30 per published contribution. Our goal is to pay more, but that depends on the success of our fundraising efforts.

How do I submit my work?

Submissions will be accepted via email only.

Submissions can be emailed to

What are your submission deadlines?

Submissions for Issue #1 are now closed.

Submissions for Issue #2 will open in July 2021. 

What are your submission guidelines?

You can view our submission guidelines on the Submissions page of this website.

What are your response times?

Our reading period for Issue #1: Revolution started at the beginning of May. If you have not heard from us by June 15, please inquire by emailing us at

Do you have an email list and how to get on it?

We do. There is a "Subscribe" form at the bottom of each page on our website. Just enter your email address into that form, and you'll automatically be added to our email list to receive notifications.