Black Cat Collective

Jack (they/them) is an anarchist, researcher, musician, and nerd who is interested in the power that story and myth have over social change. They make music as ambient/noise project Alekto and as half of the antifascist neofolk duo Alsarath. They are the producer of the individual and community preparedness podcast Live Like the World is Dying. They didn’t name themself after the “Jack of all trades” saying, but, if the many hats fit. They are a settler on unceded Mohawk territory in so-called Montreal. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @uhhuhthem.


Justin(e) Norton-Kertson (they/he/she) is a writer, musician, photographer, and organizer. They have work published or forthcoming in BOMBFIRE, C*nsorship Magazine, Sledgehammer, Brave Voice Magazine, Alien Buddha Press, Rulerless, Jupiter Review, Tattie Zine, Royal Rose Magazine, Southchild Lit, Struksurriss, PTO, Serious Flash Fiction, Poet's Choice, and more. She is also a composer for the antifascist neofolk band Ashera and heads an online trekkie fandom magazine called Unimatrix Zero. As an organizer in Oregon for over 10 years, he has worked on labor union, minimum wage, antiracist, and anti-imperialist campaigns, as well as eviction defense, antifascist organizing, and community defense trainings. She lives outside of Eugene, Oregon with his partner and cats. They can be found on Twitter @jankwrites.

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Mimi German (she/her) is a poet, an activist, an organizer, an advocate for the unhoused in Portland, Oregon, and has been known to be rough around the edges and unapologetic for her views against The System.  She is also a co-editor of Black Cat Magazine. Mimi has been called both a passion-based life form from friends, and by the Mayor of Portland, a very impassioned pain in the ass. She has a monthly poetry column in and has had poems published in The Hopper, The Mantle, Three Line Poetry (Vols. 51 & 52), New Verse News, and recorded as testimony in Portland City Council sessions. She is working on the publication of her first chapbook while finishing her second manuscript titled, Erotica and Longing During the Plague.